July 11, 2012

100 Watercolors #35 - Hold My Hand

This week's theme is another one of those ideas that I came up with at the same time that someone else did.  About two years ago, I did the following sketch, while trying to come up with an idea for the theme of "Holding Hands":

Ha ha, get it?  Two zombies "holding hands" except that they are hands that have been detached!  But then, last year, my buddy Scott C.'s great book Zombie in Love came out and he drew almost the exact same gag:

So when it came time to paint this painting, I debated whether or not I should use this idea, but in the end I decided to go for it.  It's pretty easy to argue that Scott's is the better gag (hands holding hands, holding hands!) plus his watercolors > my watercolors.  So it's not like I'm going to steal any of his thunder...  On a side note, I got to hang out with Scott last week!  We were both on the faculty for The Center for Cartoon Studies children's book summer workshop.  He did a watercolor demo, and it was very inspiring watching him work.  He's also got some really cool projects in the pipeline!

Anyway, below you will find my version.  It was only my second time ever drawing zombies, so I'm not positive I got everything right (do they still have their brains?  or do they just eat them?)  But it was still really fun painting this one!  It had a more muted color palette compared to the rest of these paintings.

Next week's theme: Precious Treasure!

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