October 5, 2011

100 watercolors #16 - Questioning

The first thing that came to mind for this theme was one of those classic "good cop, bad cop" questioning scenes from any number of police movies or TV shows.  But then I thought it might be funny to do good and bad CAT, instead!  As I have already shown in this series, I am more of a dog person than a cat person, so I tried to make these cats seem pretty mean.  Sorry cat lovers... maybe I'll be able to redeem myself in future watercolors.

I had a really good time mixing the colors for this one.  I'm starting to see the wisdom in some of those old art school tips like 1) never use a color straight from the tube - ALWAYS mix it with at least one other color! and 2) don't just use black, MIX black (in this case with a dark brown and deep blue).

I've been chipping away at many of the future themes.  I've got the next seven all penciled out and dozens more of the concepts figured out.  It's hard to believe I'm still only 16% done with this.  Oh well, I'm having fun and learning a lot, so I guess it's all going well.  Hopefully these are enjoyable for you as well.

Next week's theme: Blood

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