June 22, 2011

Rebecca Engelberg Baby Shower Invite

Remember last year when I made those wedding invitations for Rebecca and Matt?  Well, as the saying goes: "Oh what a difference a year makes!"  A few months ago, my Mom asked me to make an invitation for Rebecca's baby shower, which my Mom hosted, along with my sisters Courtney and Galen.  She requested an illustration with a series of animals and their (CUTE!) offspring.  Here's what I came up with:

Obviously, I have grayed out some confidential contact info here, but I wanted you all to see the text so you could get a better feel for how the whole thing was designed.  I guess the shower went well, and Isaac Okawa Witcher was born this past weekend on June 17th!  Rebecca and Matt have posted some photos of him on their blog.  I know they will be great parents, and I wish them both lots of luck with it and a big congratulations!

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