February 22, 2011

A Crane for Galen

A few weeks ago, my sister Galen sent me this photo of her writing desk, and all of the art that is hung above it, some of which I drew, and some of which is by other folks.

Mainly she sent me this photo so I could see where she hung the Christmas present I got for her, which was the original art for the cover of her first published picture book, Yes Let's which was drawn by the extremely talented Maris Wicks.  You can see the black and white line drawing on the top left (in the green frame), which I bought from Maris at SPX last year.  Here's how it actually looks on the cover of the book, in wonderful full color:

There are a ton of places you can order this book, which are all listed on the Tugboat Press website (including at Powell's!) and of course I'm biased, but I highly recommend that people pick up this book.  It's about a family making a day trip out into nature.  Galen wrote it in delightful rhymes and Maris's illustrations add a lot to the story and will have you smiling through the whole thing.  Anyway, highly highly recommended.   

Another item on Galen's wall is a crane that I drew for her a few years ago when she was living in Portland, Oregon.  At the time, she was really fascinated with cranes, so I drew this for her birthday.  I think during this period she also wrote an alphabet book all about cranes and their many parts.  I've never read it, but hopefully some day that will see the light of day! 

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